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VDR4 Intensive Care Unit
VDR4 info

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Monitron II
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VDR4 Stand Assembly
Intensive Care Units

VDR4® - F00008-1
Volumetric Diffusive Ventilation (VDR®) is the INTENSIVE (CRITICAL CARE) mode of Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (VDR®).

MONITRON II®- F00007-1
Accessory to the VDR4® ventilator for education, waveform interpretation and clinician set ventilator monitoring parameters.

Monitron® II- F00007-1
The Monitron II is a Digitized version of the Analog Montron I "Wave FormatterT" to Accessory and Independently Monitor the programming of all Percussionaire Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilators, IPV® VDR® TXP®. The Diffusive/Convective Wave format is presented on a Screen, with selectable Sweep Speed as well as Pressure Rise Scales. Proximal Airway Pressures and Time Phasing Constants for both Convective as well as Diffusive Percussive Ventilation are digitally presented. Sustained Pressure Rise and Pressure Drop alarming, can be programmed against deviation from selection. This is an excellent educational device.

VDR4® Specifications

1. Conventional Operational Source Pressure selectable from 25 psig to available constant Line Pressures.

2. Inspiratory Flowrate Selectable with Programmable acceleration, from OFF to over 125 liters per minute with 40 psig Operational Pressure.

3. Demand CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) during Spontaneous Breathing from OFF to 20 cm H2O. (Optional to over 50 cm H20).

4. Low Rate Convective Cycling from 1 to over 40 cycles/minute with Inspiratory/Expiratory Intervals (I/E ratios) programmable from positive to negative Ratios within acceptable Clinical Parameters.

5. High Rate Diffusive Cycling from 200 to over 800 cycles/minute with i/e ratios from 1:1 to 1:3.

6. Three stage Sinusoidal Oscillatory Equilibrium Scheduling, for Pulmonary Conformance.

7. Direct Reading lower rate Proximal Airway Pressure presentation with higher frequency presentation dampened. Selectable Integrated manometer for Ventilatory Pressure Averaging.

8. Nebulizer flow is adjustable from OFF to Line Pressure for Aerosol Therapy etc.

9. Selectable integrated high pressure Failsafe Sensitivity with Aural Alerting and Manual Reset.

10. Manual Push Button activation of Inspiratory Flowrate, for selectable Volume Delivery Override.

11. Full Ambient flow clutching from 25 to over 125 cm H20 as Governed by Operational Pressure Selection.

12. Proximal Airway delivery pressure range, from 1 to over 125 cm H20.

13. Cyclic Lung Volume Exchange potentials, from 5 cc to over 10 liters per programmed Inspiratory Interval.

14. Delivered Volume is equivalent to Oscillatory Flow multiplied by time modified by (anti-barotrauma) ambient referenced fluidic clutching provided by the Phasitron Injector/Exhalation Valve Venturi.

15. Phasitron VDR® Breathing Circuit with (near zero compliance) Proximal Airway Flow Generation.

16. Self Contained high flow Oxygen/Air Blending for selectable FI02.

17. Simplex Control Knob System for Program Initiation, Charting and Documentation.

18. Programmable accumulative Sub Tidal Volume Delivery to Oscillatory Equilibrium.

19. Controlled Percussive Pulse Generation for increasing the Intrapulmonary Diffusive Component of Ventilation during the progressive increase in Lung Volumes, to Oscillatory Equilibrium, followed by the passive exhalation of a traditional Tidal volume; down to the programmed static or oscillatory baseline.

20. Pulse Frequency Impulse Force is controlled by Pulsatile Flowrate.

21. Accessory Monitron® Proximal Airway Wave Form Analyzer with Low and High Cycling Frequencies as well as Pressure Rise/Drop monitoring of the Proximal Airway Pressures.

Monitron® II

1. The Monitron II Model # F00007A Wave Form Analyzer is based upon Digital PC computer logic, employing internal conversion of standard line voltages either 115/50 or 220/50.

2. The standard Monitron Housings are designed to Interlock with the VDR4 Ventilators, providing for easy straight on viewing.

3. The Montiron II Computer Screen provides for both Wave Form Presentations and combined Digital functional read outs.

4. While the Monitron® II has no influence over the Operation of the VDR-4 Ventilator, a special interface Harness interconnects the Monitron II to the Accessory Monitoring Ports of the VDR®-4 Servolator® Ventilator. (A failure of the Montron II has no influence upon the independent Ventilator it is connected to.)

5. The Montiron II has three (3) selectable Proximal Airway Monitoring Pressure Scales, they are: 30, 60 and 120 cm H20.

6. The Monitron II has four (4) Sweep Speed Scales, 1, 2, 4 and 8 seconds, for full horizontal page updating.

7. The Monitron independently reads the "CONVECTIVE" rate of Volumetric Tidal Exchange and the "PERCUSSIVE" Sub Tidal Volume Delivery Rate, as well as:

      a) I/E and i/e Ratios.
      b) Convective Inspiratory and Expiatory Interval time in Seconds.
      c) Mean and Peak Pressure Rise in cm H20.
      d) PEEP and / or CPAP in cm H20.
      e) PRIMARY WAVE FORMAT and / or DIGITAL DISPLAY mode selection.

8. The Monitron has an accessory RS232 Serial Printing Port, VGA port for connection to a larger monitor, as well as Screen Freeze options.

9. The Monitron II is installationally interchangeable with the Monitron I with no influence over Ventilator functions.


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